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Le Gaya Saddam Review

Dated : November, 3, 2012 BY Deepti Assnani

Ratings : star

Quick Take:

Le Gaya Saddam is a satirical comedy which reflects on the irony of the Muslim law of marriage and divorce.

The Plot:

The main protagonist of the film is Sher Khan (Chirag Patil) who lives with his grandfather, Saddam Khan (Raghubir Yadav) a medicine man. Sher Khan is deeply in love with Munni (Sufi Sayyad). Munni is a damsel and the heartthrob of the entire town. Fortunately Saddam agrees to the alliance and gets his grandson married to his lady love Munni. Then comes a situation when the couple begins to fight; and one day in the spur of the moment Sher Khan utters the deadly word "Talaq" thrice in anger. According to the Muslim law, the couple was no longer husband and wife. Filled with remorse Sher Khan wishes that time would go back and he could take back his words. However words once uttered cannot be taken back. So the only possible way to reconcile was to let Munni remarry another man. As per the Muslim laws, if a man divorces his wife but later regrets it yet the couple cannot reconcile until the wife remarries and spends at least one night with her new husband. Munni and Sher Khan were in a dilemma and finally come out with a solution which leaves the viewers shocked. Sher Khan asks his own grandfather Saddam to get married to Munni. Sher Khan had expected that by doing Munni would be safe from the lusting eyes of any stranger and would be free from the marriage the very next day if Saddam divorced her.

Le Gaya Saddam Review

There is a twist in the tale when Saddam refuses to divorce Munni. This makes Sher Khan so agitated that he plots the murder of his own grandfather. What ensured formed the crux of the story.

Screenplay and Direction:

Although the story was meant to be a satire on the Muslim Law, yet it failed miserably to address this aspect. Amjad Khan who wrote the screenplay could have done far better than loosely fitting the scenes together. The movie also was not suitable to Indian sensibilities who did not take the plot of Saddam not agreeing to divorce Munni who is the wife of his grandson in good taste. The saving grace was that there was no reflection of any incest in the film, which was a saving grace of the film. The plot in which Sher Khan hires a contract killer to end the life of his own grandfather lacks in any form of emotion. Rather it looks rather lame and childish. There are a host of other scenes which lacked in sense and seemed totally bereft of any sort of emotion and authenticity.

Audience Reflections:

The storyline was rather lame and within the first half itself the audience was left dozing off or rather gazing at the screen in desperation. People lost track of the plot and would not have cared either way if Saddam was dead or alive. The jokes too seemed forced and instead the emotional dialogs too garnered a few forced laughs, but sans the emotional quotient.

Le Gaya Saddam Review

Final Verdict:

The baseline of the story was a highly sensitive issue which would have made a wonderful film if it was made properly. However the entire essence of satire was lost in the medley of confusing elements that were flitting inside out of the screenplay without making any sense. Overall the movie is not worth watching at all.

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