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Rush Review: Enlightens the Truth!

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Dated : October, 26, 2012 BY

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Written and Directed by Late Shamin Desai, it's a crime thriller movie starring Emraan Hashmi, Neha Dhupia, Sagarika Ghatge, Aditya Pancholi, and others. The movie was on hold for a couple of years, as the versatile director Shamin sadly passed away in the middle of its filming. The project was about to get shelved, but then Shamin's wife Priyanka Desai took the responsibility to complete the film under the banner of Percept Picture Company. Finally with the support from all, especially from the cast members, the film got completed and is now ready to roll in theatres. Although the basic plot was quite cliched to some extent, but was interesting enough to attract some eye-balls.


It's a story about a hardcore and passionate news reporter, Samar Grover (Emraan Hashmi), who is having his hold in crime field and loves to investigate it. He is in a trustworthy relationship with his long-term girlfriend Ahana Sharma (Sagarika Ghatge), who is a well-known painter by profession. Samar was working as a hardworking journalist under one of the renowned news channel, and one fine day gave an exclusive footage of a sharp-shooter who admitted that he had killed a famed industrialist. The footages were broadcasted with the glad permission given by the channel head, but then due to political pressures and much more, Samar was then been fired from his job.

However the very passionate reporter then immediately got a call from another leading news channel (Crime 24), which focuses only on crime activities, as an Editor In Chief of the channel. The head honcho of Crime 24 is a billionaire and very powerful being, Roger Khanna (Aditya Pancholi). Samar accepts the coveted offer, and works harder to make the channel in number one position.

Rush Movie Review

The story now takes a turning point when Samar got familiar with the fact that the honcho of Crime 24, Roger Khanna, is actually creating crimes like killing people, doing riots, extortion, rapes and many more, such that to only make sensational and breaking news. How Samar is being trapped in this so-called insane business, how he becomes a criminal from reporter, and how he succeeds to escape from it by exposing the racket, forms the crux of this movie.

Screenplay & Direction

Written and Directed by the late filmmaker Shamin Desai, the basic plot of the movie was quite cliched as such type of movies have already been shown number of times in Bollywood, for in case the recent one 'Blood Money' (2012), which was produced by Mukesh Bhatt and starring Kunal Khemu in lead role. However no matter how and in what proportion it is has been cliched, but if the narration and screenplay is engaging enough and provides the viewers a decent kind of entertainment, then the movie is worth appreciating. Just like in the same way, Shamin Desai's film 'Rush' (2012) starring Emraan Hashmi in lead role, is somewhat entertaining but only in bits and parts. Some of the sequences were impressive, but some were not even justified.

Fortunately the movie had a good speed, which avoided the unwanted sequences to make the screenplay over-stretched and prolonged. The first half was focussed on how Emraan as Samar is getting slowly and gradually trapped under the web which is being designed by Aditya Pancholi as Roger Khanna. The second half mainly focuses on how Emraan is getting familiar with the hardcore reality, and finally succeeds in getting out from the web. Direction by the late Shamin Desai, and his living beloved wife Priyanka Desai, was good and satisfactory, bearing in mind the tragedy. While we're on the subject, the storyline of the movie had perfectly showed their intentions in front of the mango people.

Sequences such as the first interview between Murli Sharma as a sharp-shooter with Emraan as a journalist, when Emraan's gets to know the shocking reality of Roger Khanna and Crime 24 News Channel, the climax sequence where Emraan exposes out the truth in front of the world by facing the camera, and others were impressive to some extent. However a couple of other such as a scene when Murli Sharma comes to kill Emraan was a bit over-stretched, the sudden heart change of Murli Sharma was not justified, and other sequences were unimpressive. Not only this, the continuity mistakes as in the looks of Emraan were changing quite often (because of the delayed project), and others had sadly made the movie as an average product. On the other hand, certain sequences have also successfully managed to save the film and eventually delivered as a decent entertainer.

Rush wallpaper

Music & Other Technicalities

Despite the fact that all the songs are good to hear, but were clearly an unwanted substances in the storyline. The picturisation were although good, but the continuity mistakes in the looks of Emraan and situations were undoubtedly visible. If couple of songs would have been removed, then the movie might have become more interesting. Cinematography was excellent, as it had perfectly captured the scenes and had also productively depicted the nature of it. Editing could have been a bit trimmed, but nonetheless it was slick and impressive for the respective genre and theme. Dialogues by renowned writer Sanjay Masoom were superbly written, especially for Emraan's character. It's witty, notable and an attention-grabber. Sets were nicely designed such as the filming of a news show, the setup inside of any news channel, and so on were very much professional and efficient enough to make an impression.


Emraan Hashmi was as usual outstanding, and had depicted his part at his best and perfectionist like always he is. As a very ardent news reporter, the actor had flawlessly performed very well, considering each and every detail on how they actually behave and react in front of the camera. Emraan had once again proved that he is definitely a versatile performer.

Sagarika Ghatge looks gorgeous and sadly didn't get much scope to showcase her potential, but became good filler in the film. Neha Dhupia as the personal secretary of Roger Khanna (Aditya Pancholi) was extremely good and enacted her part in a very efficient and fruitful manner. Just like Emraan, actress Neha had once again proved that she can play any kind of role in a very skilled manner. Aditya Pancholi was apt for the role of a billionaire businessman, but one have already witnessed better performances from him in earlier movies.

Actors such as Murli Sharma as a sharp-shooter gave a commendable performance, Rahul Singh as a security guard and right hand of Roger Khanna was okay, and other had supported well.

Rush wallpaper

Final Verdict

On the whole, certain sequences will definitely make you impress, while some will just make you uninterested. Technicality wise, dialogues and performances are decent enough to raise the graph of the movie, but unfortunately a few loopholes in the screenplay lowers down the same graph. The movie also portrays a good meaningful message that informs the common man who watches and reads the sensational and breaking news with keen interest. To end with, Rush is an average entertainer and will entertain you in bits and parts, along with enlightening by the shocking truth.

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