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Student Of The Year Review: Film Of The Year for Youth!

Dated : October, 19, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Student Of The Year aka SOTY had a pretty good expectations, considering its youngistan theme, makers and star cast of the film, and not to forget the appealing storyline of it. However it had indeed satisfied the expectations, and further more had hit the right chord to their target audience. On the other hand, the movie was compared with many other movies which had similar kind of themes (college campus), but SOTY is an altogether a complete film with different storyline, and thus provides you a totally fresh and entertaining product.


It is the story about three friends - Abhimanyu Singh, Rohan Nanda and Shanaya Singhania - and their group of buddies. Rohan Nanda aka Ro (Varun Dhawan) is a rich son of a well-known business tycoon Nanda (Ram Kapoor), and rules the St. Teresa's High School (Dehradun) with his style, attitude and riches. He is quite flirty among other girls, but has a beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend, Shanaya (Alia Bhatt). Also though Ro was a rich son of an entrepreneur, but he had a soft heart for everyone. Shanaya is a rich modern girl, who thinks herself as a fashion designer, and rules the college with her charm, beauty, and sex-appeal. Now the entry of Abhimanyu aka Abhi, he hails from a small town and aspires to become a big person one fine day. Abhi rules the college with his style, attitude and a perfect victory in everything. This irks Ro, and the two often clashes with each other. However because of his soft heart, both of them became friends and then best friends.

Student of the Year <p>Poster

The turning point comes when an unexpected love triangle happens between Ro, Abhi and Shanaya, which is further followed by the 'Student Of The Year' competition in St. Teresa's High School. How these three people copes up with their complicated relationship, and eventually who wins the coveted trophy of Student Of The Year, forms the crux of the story.

Screenplay & Direction

The screenplay was aptly written and designed, which was further very well narrated and portrayed in front of the viewers. The movie starts with a sad note, and then with the narration by each and every friend of Ro, Abhi and Shanaya, and lastly the smart and a fair climax, which balances everything and leaves the audience with a happy-go-lucky feeling.

As mentioned, the movie might recall you with other movies which are based on similar theme, such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (love triangle and college campus), Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (heartbroken guy and school competition), and others. However SOTY is a completely different film with an altogether different storyline, and provides the audience with only one thing from start to finish, entertainment.

Karan had not only hit the right chord to its target audience, which is youngsters, but also makes them understand about the real scenario and day-to-day happenings going on between their friends, by showing a perfect mirror. It shows that no matter how best and true friends you are, but when it comes to competition, everybody thinks of their own self-development, and thus sometimes jealousy, hatred and politics comes in between the scared relationship called as friendship. Karan had perfectly portrayed the entire screenplay, by balancing everything from college/school campus environment to the bonding between friends, from romance to competitive backdrop.

Well not only the screenplay, but the writers had also precisely taken care of each and every character in the film. The characters of three high school kids, along with their bunch of friends, and also respective teachers and coaches, were perfectly sketched out to make the movie more interesting and entertaining. Along with the attention-grabbing screenplay, right from the first frame to last frame, direction by Karan Johar is also a top-notch. Some of the sequences were so beautifully sketched out and directed which one would recollect those even after days and days watching the movie. He deserves a worthy applause for its fast paced storytelling and sheer brilliance of direction.

Sequences such as the entry of Ro-Abhi-Shanaya, Gangajal sequence, weekend home sequence of school students, the most thrilling and exciting treasure hunt sequence, the mindboggling instrumental sequence at Ro's brother marriage, sequences between Dean (Rishi Kapoor) and Coach (Ronit Roy), the climax sequence followed by Ro and Abhi's fight, and much more raises the graph of the movie higher and only higher. First half focuses on high school environment, characters description, budding friendship between schoolmates, and a bit of triangular love story element. The second half mainly focuses on the tough competition to achieve the coveted SOTY Trophy, along with the complicated relationship between friends.

On the whole, the makers are having a winning basket in their glory which is filled with ideal screenplay, gripping and entertaining sequences, and top-notch narration and as well as direction.

Music & Other Technicalities

Music composed by Vishal and Shekhar is exceptional, rocking, soulful and terrific. The duo had given a winning album and all the songs are indeed a chartbuster. Disco Deewane, Radha, Ishq Wala Love, Ratta Maar, Velle, Kukkad and others are not only just wonderful tracks, where one can for sure listen it as many times on a repeat mode, but as well a delight to watch on the screen.

Background score was apt and superbly matched according to the varied sequences. Cinematography was stunning and dazzling; Editing was sharp and fast-paced; and Styling of every actors especially the lead ones (Alia, Varun and Siddharth) were eye-catching and very modernized. Dialogues in the movie are one more plus point that raises the graph of the movie in an altogether different level. They are witty, humorous, impressive and entertaining. The entire movie was filled with glitz and glamour that eventually portrays the viewers as a bright, lively and colorful look of the film. Furthermore, technicality wise the movie was very much strong and marks a solid impression in one and all.

Student of the Year wallpaper


Almost most of the actors are making their debut with this movie, and thus to hold on their shoulders was a big responsibility. However they have not only effectively fulfilled their task, but had also given out their best performances on the screen, and for this the entire credit goes to KJo. He made sure to give equal length and justice to every character, such that everyone should get a fair chance to showcase their talent.

Varun Dhawan (son of Davind Dhawan) and Siddharth Malhotra have made a very impressive debut, and ditto goes to another protagonist Alia Bhatt (daughter of Mahesh Bhatt). It's quite tough to say who was better, Varun or Siddharth, as both of them are equally supremely talented, have performed their role with super-confident and gusto, looks very handsome and elegant, and just marvels in their respective roles and skills.

On the other hand, Alia looks extremely beautiful, super-cute and looks like a pretty cute adorable doll. Well not only she looks great, but she had as well performed exceptionally well and made a promising debut with this movie. She had successfully portrayed the role of a classy, stylish and posh girl, also as an emotional, caring and loving girl. Alia is a perfect heroine material. On the whole, all the three made their respective winning debut, and marks their stand in the coveted Bollywood industry.

Kayoze Irani (son of Boman Irani) as Kaizad stands out and as well made a perfect debut. Watch his drunken speech towards the end to Dean (Rishi Kapoor). He was just outstanding! Sana Saeed (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai little girl fame) as Tanya, looks very much glam and enacts her part truly well. Manasi Rachh as Shruti was natural and sparkled in every sequence. Sahil Anand as Varun's friend aka Chamcha was first-rate.

Ronit Roy as Coach Shah was good and managed to hold his presence. Rishi Kapoor as Dean Yogendra Vasisht proved that he is versatile and will remain versatile, no matter what role is being given to him. He just excels in each and every part, whether it would be as a strict principal of the school or to represent himself as gay. Rishi just stands out and excels in his role!

Ram Kapoor is another actor, who impresses each and every time when he comes on the screen. As an industrialist Nanda and unsupportive father, he had given out one of the best performance. Gautami Kapoor says a lot just through her facial expression and emotive eyes. Boman Irani, Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant shines in their cameo. Farida Jalal, Sushma Seth, Prachi Shah, Akshay Anand, Maninni De, and others had supported well.

Final Verdict

It's a new age mixture of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, with a complete different and engaging storyline. On the whole, Karan Johar's 'Student Of The Year' is a perfect film for all the youngistan, a perfect film for entertainment, and a perfect film to watch it again and again. 'Student Of The Year' is the 'Film Of The Year' for the youth gang.

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