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That Girl in Yellow Boots Review: Intelligent Masala

Dated : September, 2, 2011 BY Roy Daniel D'Silva

Ratings : star


With potboilers like Singham and Bodyguard bringing the masses back to the cinema halls, the classes do not have fret over the debauch of masala entertainment that is ringing at the cash registers. Anurag Kashyap, who is now more or less a savior of the classes and thoughtful cinema today, comes up with That Girl in Yellow Boots, another hardhitting movie that stars his wife, Kalki Koechlin in the lead role. Here is a complete review of the movie, That Girl in Yellow Boots

Plot Review:

An intense, shocking plot with the sickest twist ever at the end. Kalki Koechlin plays Ruth, a foreign born girl who suddenly finds out that her father is very much alive and in India, in fact in the murky streets of Mumbai. Once she finds this out, she makes it a point to find out who her actual father is. Of course, Mumbai, the great city that gulps everyone down and throws out the carcass for all to see takes in this naïve, yet strong as steel young girl and shows her what being a Mumbaite is all about, until she finds out a truth that is as indigestible as it is real.

Direction and Screenplay Review:

Great direction. Kashyap uses the camera to show off the decay of the story like a perfectionist. From the first frame to the last frame, Anurag Kashyap comes across as a director that means business. While his Panch never got a mainstream release, this directorial behemoth has been sharpening his skills making some of the most influential cinema in recent times. The best part about Anurag Kashyap’s direction is the no nonsense, story centric camera angles that are used at all times – and yet there is that subtle  artistic keeda that gives his movies that weird, wicked twist at the end of it all. That Girl in Yellow Boots fits right into the caliber of instant classic cinema that Kashyap is now known for. Whether it is Gulaal, Dev.D, Shaitan, or even No Smoking, this is serious cinema in its best garb possible.

Performances Review:

Kalki’s career best performance. Naseeruddin Shah excels. Gulshan Devaiyya eats every scene he is in. The so called pundits would say that Anurag and Kalki work together because finally, they are man and wife and its all about cost cutting. However, seeing That Girl in Yellow Boots, you would understand that there is not a single female actor in Bollywood who would even come close to doing justice to the roles that Kalki has played in Kashyap’s films.  You would be pushed toward physical violence when you hear such cheap talk once you see That Girl in Yellow Boots. And then, Kashyap’s movies have such staggering characters that it is not possible for anyone who considers movies to be just a business to even think of signing up with him. Whether it is the elder brother played by Piyush Mishra in Gulaal, or it is Deepak Dobriyal’s staggering performance as the protagonist’s friend in the same movie, all of Anurag Kashyap’s characters have been awesome an then some. With That Girl in Yellow Boots, you should be ready to hear terms like this being Kalki Koechlin’s career best movie, but you should remember that the poor kid has acted in just four movies as yet, and only one of them mainstream – means the one that bought some money in the house. Makes us wonder why serials like India’s Most Desirable take up the patently untalented people on their guest list and leave out staggeringly talented people like Kalki, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Devaiyya (who performs very, very good in this one) on that white couch of theirs.


This one is one of the cinematic marvels that you will either hear praise for in the next few weeks or you will hear some protests and the movie will be pulled down. That Girl in Yellow Boots is definitely the boldest movie to come out of Bollywood in a long, long time, and we hope that it has a full run at the box office. After all, Kashyap wants just six and a half lakh people to watch the movie and he would be able to make many more like these. In a population of a billion, we think that six point five lakh intelligent people is not too much to ask for. If you are still wondering whether you should watch this movie, check out the That Girl in Yellow Boots Preview here.

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