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Bollywood's Top Ten Topless actresses

Dated : September, 1, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto

Even today in the year 2011, nudity in India is a taboo and sex is a topic that people don't want to talk about in our society. So how does one expect Indian actresses in India, well the conservative ones expect them to be clad in sari and run behind the bushes and sing songs. But today that surely is changing and with changing times, the youth basically is dominant generation and they surely can understand what nudity is and what cheap nudity is. So how does one differentiate nudity with cheap nudity? Well it has to do with how aesthetically the scene or the photograph has been shot.

Well Hollywood has been liberal towards nudity from the beginning and for them full frontal nudity was common since the early times. Even in India we had cases of frontal nudity and women going topless for scenes back in the olden days. And the man who brought this to our movie was the Showman of India, the legendary actor-director Raj Kapoor. He was a man who made many actresses shoot topless scenes and he even made Madakini and Zeenat Aman go a step ahead and create a stir back in India. He was criticized and appreciated but I guess he might have been criticized a lot as even today when an actress goes topless and that is justified with the script of the movie. Our Indian audiences, especially the fake Mahila sanghathans come up lashing at the producers and the actresses and create such a massacre as if these artists have committed a sin.

But still many Indian actresses and that too many leading actresses have gone topless and we bring you the list of top ten Bollywood actress from this generation who has gone topless for movies or photo shoots.

Bipasha Basu:

Bollywood's Bong dusky beauty, who has body to die for has gone topless for a popular men's magazine and also for the movie named Race. The beautiful Bipasha just sizzled on the cover page and when she did a topless scene in Race with Saif Ali Khan, she just created a huge uproar in the Indian small town as well as the metros. And recently a video of Bipasha surfaced where she was scene completely naked in advertisement that she had done with Vivek Oberoi several ages ago. So Bipasha Basu is surely one of the top ten Bollywood babes who have gone topless and she has been appreciated for her sexiness right from her first movie Raaz and then in movies like Jism. The beautiful Bipasha has always sizzled on the screen even when she has not gone topless.

Bipasha Basu topless

Mallika Sherawat:

The original pin-up actress of Bollwyood. When she arrived to the Indian scene. I still remember I was in my 8th grade and she created uproar by wearing a bikini and smooching Himanshu Malik 17 times in a movie that became a hit just because of the reasons listed just above.

She had recently gone nude for her very ambitious project Hiss. Well she looked awesome but the movie was a dud but she still received a lot of compliments as well as lot of flak. Mallika Sherawat is a Dabangg actress and she knows no fear of being critized, she will do whatever she wants to and she makes it look good. Recently this actress posted a nude picture of her on her social networking site and this too created a huge uproar. And after Hiss was declared a dud, she went nude for a magazine saying that she is doing this to compensate to the fans who went to see Hiss and were disappointed. Now this way of compensating will be loved by men all over the world for sure. She is also one actress who has faced a lot of criticism for her boldness.

Mallika Sherawat topless

Tanushree Dutta:

This young lass created such- a huge uproar with her very first movie. Yes this beautiful Bengali girl went topless for her very first movie. And I remember this very vividly because when Tanushree Dutta went topless for the movie Aashiq Banaya Aapne in the song with the same name. The video was a rage and Multimedia phones had just arrived in India and this video became one of the most circulated videos ever. Where Tanushree did went after this sizzling debut of hers, no one knows but she really came with a bang to the Hindi Film Industry.

Tanushree Dutta topless

Sherlyn Chopra:

Well let me clear that she has done a movie, so technically she is an actress and she is one of the few actress who have done frontal nudity in recent times for a movie. Okay first about Sherlyn Chopra, she looks hot, there is no doubt about that, but all this figure of hers is a boon from the plastic surgery that she has undergone and' Sherlyn makes no qualms about going under the knife, she very interestingly puts it this way: what god didn't gave her, she just bought it.

Sherlyn Chopra topless

Sherlyn has been in the news for her saucy comments and sexy photo shoots, giving nude poses for magazines and shooting raunchy item songs. If Mallika is the original pin-up actress from Bollwyood . Sherlyn is the one who became the pin-up for the common man. She is hated by the society but it's the hidden society where she is famous and that is the reason she is making so much money today. And she is also a regularly featured model who poses topless and partial nude for a daily newspaper like Times of India.

Ameesha Patel:

Surprised to see this name, well Ameesha Patel has not gone topless for any movie but then the actress showed that she is just not a bubbly cute actress she has a seductive and sensuous side too. she went topless for a photo shoot for a magazine and created waves around.

Ameesha Patel topless

Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena Kapoor was recently seen in a very steamy hot scene with her beau Saif Ali Khan in a movie named Kurbaan which came and went by. But that scene where Kareena was seen topless, that became a rage. People were talking about this scene for a long time. But people who consider this scene as the first scene where Kareena has gone topless then that is wrong. Kareena was seen backless for a movie with Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar in the movie named Bewaafa. And in that movie too, Kareena sizzled and made the audiences drool all over her.

Kareena Kapoor topless

Mandira Bedi:

Well she is not a typical Bollwyood actress and she has not gone topless for a Bollwyood movie. Mandira Bedi was one of the first actresses on TV and her daily soap Shanti did very well. She did three movies and beame famous for her backles sari's that she had worn at the Worl Cup Extra Innings. But lately Mandira Bedi went topless and was looking hot for a men's magazine. She definetly looked very hot in the magazine.

Mandira Bedi topless

Vidya Balan:

The very homely looking actress who was considered a fashion disaster after she did movies like Hey Baby and Kismat Connection. She shut everyone's mouth by going topless for a movie called Ishqiya where her going topless was not the highlight, her acting was but that scene also was appreciated by critics as well as the audiences and Vidya was also seen posing topless for a Daboo Ratnani calendar shoot. And now she is doing a movie based on the life of the Indian porn star Silk Smitha and we hear that she has done some scenes that have never been scene on the Indian celluloid before.

Vidya Balan topless

Aruna Shields:

She may not have been born and brought up in India but she is of Indian Origin and from her first movie. Aruna Shields showed that she has a hot body and she has no problems flaunting it in front of the world. In her second Bollywood movie which was named Mr. Singh/Mrs. Mehta, Aruna went an extra step ahead and was seen doing a complete nude scene. The movie tanked but that scene is still talked about.

Aruna Shields topless

Nandana Sen:

Aruna Sheild's co-star from her first movie Nandana Sen and more over the daughter of the Noble Prize winner Amartya Sen has done many controversial things. But the most controversial is yet to ome. She has done one of the first full nudes for the Ketan Mehta movie Rang Rasiya. Nandana makes no qualms about this and this is what she has to say about her nude scene: I'm the first Indian actress to do a complete Nude scene... and proud of it. She looks very hot nude or not nude and she is one of the only Indian actresses who is not scared to face the wrath of the very hypocritical Indian society.

Nandana Sen topless

So these are the top ten Bollwyood actresses who have gone topless for a movie or a magazine and mind you every time an actress even dons a bikini in India, or even if gives a peck on the mouth of an actor. The thing is criticized to the core. So going nude and topless is a very courageous thing and these actresses should be complimented. But a rather word of advice, just because you can get publicity if you go nude is completely wrong morally as well as professionally. So the one's thinking that going nude can get them work, well you can see the fate of many actresses who have tried this and have failed miserably, some of them have been named here in this list too.

So what do you think of this list, so you think all these actresses looked hot when they went topless for their respective movies and magazines. And what do you feel, is nudity an exaggerated taboo in India or nudity should be banned, whatever your views may be, give them in the comments sections below.

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