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Top Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2011

Dated : January, 29, 2012 BY Sujeet Mahto
I know this is a bit late for some best things of 2011 list. But this list had to be made as Wardrobe Malfunctions had dominated the international and national media throughout 2011. The west have always seen many malfunctions, but our Desi divas were extremely careful but since a big wardrobe malfunction by Yana Gupta, our B-town girls have got an extremely powerful media tool. They just show some skin and all the attention goes towards them. And these girls get some attention and we get some news. And 2011 was a year of some serious malfunctions. So we bring you a quick recap of the most talked about actress of 2011, not because their films made big news, it was their falling clothes or sometimes missing. First on our list is Preeti Jhangiani. She was with her husband Parvin Dabbas in Delhi and she was busy promoting the film her hubby made: Sahi Dhande Galat Bande. And we donít know the reason but Preeti was caught on the camera without her undies. Yes she was not wearing her essentials and this caused a huge stir in the media and we donít know whether this was a ploy to create some hype for the movie or just that she was a bit too much busy. Well the reason obviously is unknown but this news was there in the media for many days. Preeti Jhangiani wardrobe malfunction Sonali Bendre is a rich woman, her hubby Goldie Behl is a big time producer. Even though some of his recent movies have bombed big time, but still she is a A-list wife. But still she has had some serious wardrobe issues. We have seen her top falling, straps being broken and much more. But that was years ago, but recently she was caught partying pantyless. Yes Sonali Bendre was partying at Karan Joharís place and was having a good time. And as she went and sat in her car, the paparazzi started clicking photographs and they got something more than they had bargained for. The photos were never made available, but the news went around like wild fire and later she was again caugh, this time with her panties on, but she was showing off her undergarments at Hrithikís party. Katrina Kaif has evolved as one of the biggest stars of 2011, but still she had some issues with her wardrobe last year. Katrina also had a little oops moment when she was shooting for a movie called ďEk Tha TigerĒ she showed off somethings which she had never intented to show. Well this did become a huge news, her other malfunction created a bigger uproar. Katrina was performing her hot and sizzling item number of the year Sheila Ki Jawani in Mumbai and at that time her top just gave up. The left shoulder strap came down, but the actress was well conscious of her clothes and avoided a huge mishap. Katrina Kaif wardrobe malfunction Mehr Jessia Rampal was a huge model during her time and she never has created any controversies. But it was a first time for Mehr, as she showed much more than what she had though she would be showing off.

Mehr Jessia wardrobe malfunctions

Neetu Chandra, do you remember the Garam Masala girl. Well if you donít we wonít be surprised, the actress has done some other work too, but she has hardly got any recognition over the years. And now to create a new personality for herself she tried to do a Yana Gupta. Yes she went to a live event, flashed her lady parts for the media. She went panty less and posed very similar to Yana Gupta. And yes she definitely got some attention from the audience and the media. Neetu Chandra wardrobe malfunction Vindoo Dara Singh won the Big Boss and still didnít manage to make a name for him like what his dad Dara Singh has made for himself. But with just one stint Vindooís wife made more name than what Vindoo has ever made, she just came and flashed her undies, she got covered by the media so much that Vindoo had ever had. Aditi Rao Hydari wardrobe malfunctionsAditi Rao Hydari had a great 2011, the two movies that she did this year were appreciated. And her acting skills were much talked about. But the news that launched her public appearance was her showing off her white panties. The girl was wearing such a small orange skirt at a press conference in Mumbai sometime back to announce her film 'London, Paris, New York', opposite actor Ali and gained a lot of media attention for the coming weeks. Rakhi Sawant, yes we have talked about her being in the category of actresses. Rakhi Sawant had a relatively quite year, well she obviously was famous for her antics but she didnít create much controversy as compared to her past records. The only big news she got her name in was for flashing her undies at a public appearance. Rakhi Sawant wardrobe malfunction So this is the list of the infamous acts by our famous desi ladies. Some surely were victims of wardrobe malfunctions; some surely seemed to have done that on purpose. We surely wonít name who has done what, but you surely can. Yes go ahead and pour in your thoughts about this list in the comments section below.

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