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Top Ten Sunny Deol Movies

Dated : November, 6, 2011 BY Roy Daniel D'Silva

Sunny Deol has been around in the film industry for more than thirty years, like Sanjay Dutt and Govinda. Sunny Deol has been criticized by many for making public centric movies, and aiming at the lowest common denominator, but for a very angry and frustrated middle class, his movies are still complete popcorn fare. Sunny Deol has also acted in some of the best action movies in Bollywood. We take a look at the top ten Sunny Deol movies that have hit the theaters in our times.

This movie does not have Gadar in it, because Gadar is something that cannot be listed with such normal movies. Gadar had Sunny Deol play a poor truck driver who falls in love with a girl from Pakistan, but her father, who is a politician, tries to create issues with the love story. This movie broke all records there ever were in Bollywood, and is Sunny Deol's biggest hit till date.

10. Right Yaaa Wrong

This was one of Sunny Deol's recent releases, and he was pitted against Irrfan Khan in this murder mystery. It was a surprise that Sunny Deol and Irrfan Khan had the kind of chemistry that they did in the movie. Sunny and Irrfan Khan play two cops who are good friends, but are competitive professionals. Later, Sunny Deol's wife, played by Isha Koppikar is found murdered, and then it is left up to Irrfan Khan and Sunny Deol to find out the murderer. Of course, there is a good twist at the end of it all, and the murder/thriller makes for a good watch. Sunny Deol's performance was appreciated after a long time.

Right Yaaa Wrong

Though this movie was not a very big success at the box office, it got some surprising good reviews from the reviewers. Not just the performances, but also the twist in the script and the script was appreciated too. Right Yaaa Wrong starred Konkona Sen, Sunny Deol, Irrfan Khan and Issha Koppikar.

9. Big Brother

Sunny Deol is the undoubted hero of the middle class, and Big Brother was a movie that once again put his leadership onto the right pedestal. In this movie, he played a criminal/don who gave up the bad life after he shifted to Mumbai, but has to go back to the world of crime and grime after circumstances force him to.

Big Brother

Big Brother was one of the first Bollywood movies with CGI and choreographed action sequences. While the sequences were ridiculed by the ones that had seen the earlier movies, they were a hit with the common man, and one can say that if there was no Big Brother, there are chances that we might not had the Wanted, Dabangg, Singham and all the other Southie movies that are being remade. The movie was a remake of the Tamil hit Baasha, starring Rajnikanth.

The promos of Big Brother were pretty good, and this one was one of the few Bollywood movies that had more action sequences than the ones that were shown in the promo. The movie had Farida Jalal as the mother, and Priyanka Chopra played Sunny Deol's wife in the movie. This was also one of the few subtle roles that Priyanka Chopra worked in.

8. Vishwatma

VishwatmaVishwatma was the spiritual remake of Tridev, and it brought together Sunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah and Chunky Pandey. The movie pitted Sunny and Chunky against Amrish Puri, who was at that time the gold standard when it came to brawny, badass villains. Vishwatma was not as big a hit as Tridev, but it surely once again introduced the Indian audiences to foreign locales, stylish action sequences, and everything else that would make a good action movie from Bollywood.

Vishwatma was a good enough movie and had enough machismo for the movie to make it a typical muscle brained movie. It was one of the most expensive movies to be made in that time, and it had a big starcast.

Vishwatma had Amrish Puri, Gulshan Grover and other badass villains running the roof, and this one was a memorable one.

7. Jeet

JeetJeet starred Salman Khan and Sunny Deol with Karishma Kapoor, making him one of the few actors who have acted with both the Khans. In the movie, Sunny Deol and Karishma Kapoor is a couple, until they are separated by the villains. Karishma begins a new life with Salman Khan, until Sunny Deol comes back into their lives.

The movie is important because it was one of the few unqiue story lines in the nineties. It is well known for the song Yaara oh Yaara, where Sunny Deol's dancing capabilities were openly ridiculed. However, the movie had some of the best Sunny Deol action sequences, and that is what we should be thankful for - if we wanted to see a dancing hero, we-d go to a Govinda movie.

Jeet was the only time that Salman Khan and Sunny Deol worked together.

6. Ghatak

GhatakBy the early double Ohs, Sunny Deol had aged, and he could no longer run around trees with younger heroines. So, he took the role of the strict and brawny police officer who fights against the system by being in the system. In Ghatak though, he was a completely different package. He played the son of a freedom fighter, whose brother and his family lived in Mumbai.

However, when Sunny Deol and his father, Amrish Puri, come to Mumbai, they find out that the entire locality that they live in is under the clutches of a villain, played by Danny Dengzongpa. Sunny Deol becomes the unwitting hero of the locality, and the movie takes a different turn when Amrish Puri's character is diagnosed with throat cancer and has very few days to live.

The movie had one of the most brawny action sequences in Bollywood, and the villain hero action between Danny Dengzongpa and Sunny Deol was one of the best in Bollywood. And it had quite some brawny moments, with Danny Dengzongpa having six brothers that Sunny Deol promises to do away with in typical Bollywood style.

5. Narshima

NarshimaIf you have lived in India in the nineties, you by now know the word 'Baapji', a villain who makes it to the 'top ten' list of Bollywood villains of all time. Played by Om Puri, Baapji was a criminal master don who ruled over half of Mumbai, and Narshima, played by Sunny Deol, a small time wayward criminal who is his right hand. However, things go all wrong with a new neighbor, a journalist starts living into Narshima's locality, and she writes against Baapji. It is now up to Narshima to either finish her off or support the journalist.

Narshima was a good movie because it was the first time that someone wrote up a Bollywood movie that had its roots in Indian mythology. The movie actually took its name from one of the incarnations of lord Vishnu, where a supernatural character named Narshima (man-lion) comes out of a pillar to save his devotees, after an evil king tries to kill off his son, who is a devotee of Vishnu.

4. Chaalbaaz

ChaalbaazBollywood has a special place for movies about people who look similar to each other. First, there was Dilip Kumar playing that role, then they had Hema Malini play that role, and somewhere along the line, there was Sridevi who played that role too, in Chaalbaaz. Sunny Deol and Rajnikanth were in this movie too, which made this only the third or fourth Bollywood movie in which Rajnikanth acted. Sunny Deol portrayed the role of a rich man's son who falls in love with a woman who has a twin sister, and did his usual brawny act. The movie may not be about Sunny Deol, but it is definitely one of his most watchable movies.

Of course, Sunny Deol did not have quite a role in the movie too, and the sizzling chemistry between Rajnikant and Sridevi took the movie a few notches up. But Sunny Deol had some good action sequences and the storyline was great. Chaalbaaz also won several awards, and was the biggest success of that year.

3. Arjun

ArjunArjun is the second movie that producers now want to remake, apart from Ghayal. The movie was supposed to be inspired from On the Waterfront. Arjun, released in 1985, was a mirror to a society that was full of unemployed, underachieving people, and of course, the whole world is ribbed with corruption and other issues.

The movie was produced by Rahul Rawail. Arjun is one of the grittiest movies about the problems that an educated India was facing back in the eighties, and this was the movie where Sunny Deol's performance was appreciated. It starred Dimple Kapadia, Raj Kiran, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, A K Hangal and Shashikala.

2. Tridev

TridevSunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah and Jackie Shroff, and an action filled script. What else would we need in the eighties? Tridev was an action filled fun fest where these three actors are the main protagonists and take up cudgels against drug dealers, villains, etc.

The sparkling sequences in the movie were Sunny Deol and Naseeruddin Shah. Sunny Deol put up a brawny act for this movie, and was one of the biggest hits of the year. Naseeruddin Shah became famous in the mass market circuit after this movie, and Sunny Deol concreted his image of being a superb action star for the eighties.

Sunny Deol plays a police officer who loses his entire family to the villains, and he then vows to extract revenge. Tridev was the first and only movie in which Sunny Deol sported a moustache. It also starred Jackie Shroff, Naseeruddin Shah, Madhuri Dixit, Sonam , Sangeeta Bijlani, Anupam Kher and Anupam Kher.

Reports are in that even Tridev may be remade, but the rumors have not gone anywhere after the initial buzz.

1. Ghayal

GhayalGhayal is the movie that Sunny Deol is most known for, and is his breakthrough movie in Bollywood. In Ghayal, Sunny Deol plays a strong, brawny younger brother, whose elder brother is killed by a crime lord and a bunch of goons. The elder brother was played by Raj Babbar, and the main villain was Amrish Puri. This was one of the many movies of the eighties and nineties that had Amrish Puri and Sunny Deol starred as the antagonist and protagonist.

Sunny Deol the carefree, brawny fellow's life crumbles into nothingness when his brother is killed off, and his sister-in-law commits suicide after the authorities do not mete out justice. The action sequences in this movie were great, and one of the first full blown chase sequences were filmed for Ghayal.The remake will be starring Vidya Balan, and the earlier one starred Meenakshi Sheshadri.

This movie is definitely going to be remade, and Sunny Deol becomes the first actor in Bollywood to act in both, the original as well as the remake.



DaarDarr was not as much a Sunny Deol movie as it was a Shah Rukh Khan movie, but this was one of the first Sunny Deol performances that were appreciated by the masses as well as the classes. In Darr, Sunny Deol played the fiance/husband of the woman who is stalked by Shah Rukh Khan. This one is considered to be one of the best Shah Rukh Khan movies, and is considered to Shah Rukh's breakthrough role as the gray character, before Baazigar.

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