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Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood Actresses

Dated : May, 19, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
Bollywood Actresses look decked up in movies. They wear perfect clothes to events and also the best clothes to their B-town parties but they are human beings after-all. They can also have a bad day. But such bad days just haunt them for their lives because they are no small models that people will forget easily. Reading till now you might have made a guess that this is written on the malfunctions that has happened with Bollywood actresses. Yes you are right, but most of them had their share of embarrassment, but most of these actresses who had disastrous malfunctions did not have those really disastrous malfunctions (well some did). But they are Diva’s and we expect them to look like a Diva and never make mistakes. But these actress have made some mistakes and that’s why they are here on the list

Katrina Kaif:

Are you surprised by seeing this name here on this list, the don’t be because Katrina has had a past of wardrobe malfunctions when she was not that big a star, but we are also not talking about her past. We are talking about the time when she became a huge celebrity and this happened: Katrina was at an award function and suddenly a girl by-mistakenly stepped on Katrina’s floor sweeping gown and Katrina was wearing a gown which had a slit, and the slit widened because it got stretched and Katrina’s right thigh was completely on display, she was utterly embarrassed and designer friend Anahita Shroff helped her get out after this malfunction happened. Poor Katrina it was not even her mistake.

Sonam Kapoor:

Again surprised to see the style Diva Sonam Kapoor’s name on the list, yes even she has gone through this embarrassment and this happened when she was promoting her movie and her off-shoulder dress just kept falling from her shoulders and she was getting utterly uncomfortable, she was just not uncomfortable with the top, her short skirt was giving her nightmares, and why because it was so short that it could have got uncomfortable for any girl. Well that is why most designer does emphasize “wear only that makes you feel comfortable”. Well Sonam we did not expect this from you.  Another incident of Ms. Sonam Kapoor: she has this great wardrobe filled with so many hi-waisted pants, but she chose an errant pant whose zip was just not ready to get zipped and she with all her might tried to do so, but Alas she couldn’t, and when she couldn’t she pinned it up. EEEKsss Sonam get a good brand or maybe even a tailor would do.

Kareena Kapoor:

Don’t tell me you are again surprised, yes you will be because Bebo is known for her being the Diva and she mostly has had never a bad fashion day (except her earlier five years in Bollywood). Kareena is very much the safest of all but, her safety could not save her from this day, she was at an event and giving interview and then the shutterbugs just wouldn’t stop clicking her pics, well it was not because she was looking great it was because Kareena was wearing a short dress and her inner thigs were visible and these pictures flashed all over the web. Kareena proved that everyone can have a bad day. Even she is a human.

Aishwarya Rai:

You are not surprised now, Are you, you can because she is the World beauty, Mrs. Bachchan and also a very big style Diva, how did she go wrong and so horribly wrong, we did not expect this. Well Aishwarya was promoting her movie Raavan and as usual she was looking pretty in sari, but something went wrong and she did not come to know this for a while. Well this is embarrassing, well we can just say she was wearing a short blouse, and it went really embarrassing for Aishwarya. How could you do this Ash, you are our only answer in Cannes but cannot even handle a sari well. But yes she is also a human, so we do forgive you.

Yana Gupta:

Now you are not surprised but she surprised everyone including the paparazzi by coming to a children’s charity event, panty-less. Now common don’t try to be Britney and Paris, you are not of that level Yana. She even casually said that she came just that day and she could get her things. This is a valid reason; we leave it up to you. She even said that it’s a not a big deal.

Lara Dutta:

The Miss Universe can also have her bad days, why not if Miss World can, even Miss Universe too. Well Lara Dutta has denied all this, but sources say that when she was in the IFFA awards in Sri Lanka, the Diva had her heart in her mouth because her top completely slipped. But nothing is proved so can’t say much but if this ever happened, then Lara we feel sorry for your embarrassment.

Kangana Ranaut:

She essayed the role of a super-model In Fashion and she was shown going through a wardrobe-malfunction. Well she essayed the character to the tee in Fashion, but Kangana Ranaut in real life it is so not cool. When Kangana Ranuat was doing a ramp show for her friend who is a designer. And the designer friend gave her a really bold dress to wear and she did it. But it maybe fashion show but you are an actress now Kangana, you must know that you have fans and those fans even include small children. The bold dress showed her bust completely as it had a very plunging neckline.

Shilpa Shetty:

Now Mrs. Kundra is one of the best celebs in the town and she’s always been very much in the news for both good reasons as well as bad, well this is bad. She was having one of the tussles which Sonam faced, she was seen fighting and fidgeting with her one-shoulder thought an event. The dress Mrs. Kundra, just throw it away you can afford a cricket team but not a good dress.

Urvashi Sharma:

Who Urvashi Sharma, well she is the Naqaab girl; no don’t remember the girl who was seen in Khatta Meetha as Akshay Kumar’s sister, you don’t remember the movie. But anyways Urvashi Sharma also had a share of malfunction, when she was shooting for Priyadarshan’s flick. It was a shoot in Kerala and the button of her blouse just popped up. Well the girl had brains and she just ran away to her vanity van. Gosh Priyadarshan was safe. We really feel bad for the entire actress’s featured here in this article and we know most of them (most not all) did this on their own; it was just a mistake or something else. But Diva’s next time do watch out before you wear anything skimpy, because you know the paparazzi, they are like hunters hunting for flesh.

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