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Bigg Boss 6 final contestants: Salman Khan starts with a bang!

Dated : October, 8, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

The sixth season of the very popular TV reality show and known for its controversial acts, Bigg Boss, started with a bang! Check out the list of its final 15 contestants!

A crazy hairstylist, two social activists, a divorced celebrity couple and 10 others known personalities as an inmate's of Bigg Boss, the 6th season of the reality show seems to be an exact with respect to its tagline, "Alag Che".

The very first episode of the show that aired on Sunday night (07 Oct) was a gala affair with lots of glitz and glamour. Host Salman Khan launched the show by entertaining the viewers via introducing the lavish house, introducing the undisclosed contestants, and along with some of the scorching dance performances like seen never before. He was later joined by actress Rani Mukerji, who came to promote her latest flick 'Aiyyaa'.

The final 15 contestants are Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sana Khan, Vrajesh Hirji, Sampat Pal, Aseem Trivedi, Urvashi Dholakia, Aashka Goradia, Sayantani Ghosh, Dinesh Yadav, Sapna Bhavnani, Delnaz Paul, Rajev Paul, Niketan Madhok, Karishma Kotak and Kashif Quereshi.

Bigg Boss 6 final contestants

Cricketer and Politician Navjot Singh Sidhu was the first celebrity to enter inside the house, in the company of a rocking beginning by Bhangra-pop singer Daler Mehndi. Model turned actress Sana Khan entered next, which was further followed by actor-comedian Vrajesh Hirji. Up next was Sampat Pal, who is the leader of women`s activist group Gulabi Gang, and greeted all the inmates in an extremely loving manner. Apart from activist Samapt Pal, there is one more activist, the controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, who as well entered inside the house. He was recently in news for his anti-corruption art works.

The gorgeous and glamorous beauties of small screen, Urvashi Dholakia and Aashka Goradia, as well stepped in the house to add some fire. Sayantani Ghosh of "Naaginn" fame as well became the inmate of house. Actor Dinesh Yadav added some Bhojpuri flavor to the join together, whereas renowned celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani left everybody in the house quite surprised.

The big surprise was the striking entry of actors Delnaz Paul and Rajev Paul, who are now a divorced couple. Although Rajev was not so stunned on seeing Delnaz in the house, but the actress was seemed to be a bit upset to know the fact that she would now have to live with her ex-husband under one roof.

Super models Niketan Madhok and Karishma Kotak added the young and glittery touch to the house with their entrance, whereas the last and final contestant entered in the show was as expected a common man, who was selected from three finalists. He is none other than but a Hyderabad-based martial arts expert Kashif Quereshi.

The contestants will be locked inside the house for a complete 98 days inside the "Bigg Boss" house, where they will face 70 cameras who will be inspecting their activities 24x7.

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