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Bigg Boss 6: Karishma opts out, Mink steps in

Dated : November, 1, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Before the elimination round, which was likely to happen two this week, supermodel Karishma Kotak herself took decision to opt out from the show. However she took this harsh decision because of some family emergency.

Earlier Karishma had once discussed regarding her exit from the BB house due to her father's illness, but during that time Bigg Boss had calmed down her by sending the message of her father of being fine and wanting her to continue the game. However unfortunately, Karishma had to leave Bigg Boss house now because her ailing father, who was suffering from severe liver sclerosis, sadly passed away recently. When Bigg Boss informed the heartbreaking news to Karishma, she broke down to tears and decided to leave the show in order to be with her bereaved family.

Karishma Kotak out of Bigg Boss 6

However along with the sudden and sad exit of Karishma, there is something exciting going to happen inside the house. Mink Brar will now step in the house on Saturday, November 3. The model turned actor was quite famous recently of considering as a call girl, getting a call from a pimp, and also a leaked video where she was seen in some lesbianism act. Apart from Mink, it is also being said that former Bigg Boss contestants, Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari, will too be making their entry as special guests to stay inside the house.

Well a deepest condolence to Karishma, and a warm welcome to the newest members in the house.

Mink steps in Bigg Boss 6

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