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Bigg Boss 6: World's Shortest Woman, Jyoti Amge, now enters the house

Dated : November, 22, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Jyoti Amge is not only the world's shortest woman, but is as well the shortest contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. After the exit of Imam Siddiqui, the 19-year-old girl joins the show and has entered inside the house, with an intention to add new aspects to the current actions happening in the house.

Measuring only 62.8 cm (2 ft), Jyoti Amge holds the Guinness World Record for being the shortest woman in the world. Well no matter what her size is, but her dreams are definitely quite big, as she wants to strike a chord in the entertainment industry. She says, "I am not sad and don't have any issues about being short. I am famous because of it and even got two Guinness Records."

Bigg Boss 6 World Shortest Woman Jyoti Amge now enters the house

Earlier Jyoti had appeared in a music video of renowned singer Mika Singh's album 'Risky' and was also seen on Shekhar Suman's popular show, Movers & Shakers. A big fan of superstar Salman Khan, she wants to do a film with the actor turned host of Bigg Boss in her near future.

Well let us see what dimension will bring our world's shortest woman and as well shortest contestant inside the house.

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