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Cezanne Khan is shooting for Pakistan

Dated : May, 26, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
Cezanne Khan, do you remember him? Arre the main lead guy from Kausati Zindagi Ki. Yeah you remember him now. Ever thought where is he? Well we know why will you anyways think about him, but he had some ardent fans of his who were concerned about Mr. Anurag aka Cezanne Khan and to tell you that he is surely alive and kicking. But he is not doing Indian TV shows because he busy shooting for Pakistani serials in Dubai. Cezanne in an interview spoke about his whereabouts and told that he is currently in Dubai where his shoot is happening and when queried which shoot he replied that he is shooting for a Pakistani serial. And how on this earth did he land up for a role in a Pakistani serial. He says that his role from Kasauti was a very popular in Pakistan and had a very big viewer ship and a offer came and he grabbed the offer. Cezanne also speaks that he accepted the offer because he got the chance to bond with two cousinís who are from his motherís side who reside in Karachi. Well he also adds that he has never shot in Pakistan but recently he had been to Pakistan. Cezanne Khan was last seen in a Indian TV serial called Seeta aur Geeta. He also adds that he was getting offers back in India too, but mostly were Reality shows and as he is a very private person he did not want to come out and show his private life in public. And when asked about does he meets Shweta Tiwari whom with he had an affair or allegedly had an affair, he speaks that he has never met her but will have no problems working with her again and he still meets Ronit Roy of the Kasauti team as he is friends with him. And as tabloids had reported about Cezanne that he is a Ladies man and he had dated every girl he has worked with, has he found someone special he says that he his very much single.

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