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Hrithik’s Just Dance Music Video

Dated : May, 18, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
Hrithik Roshan is one hell of a dancer, we all know this and that is the reason when he said yes to a dance reality show. The expectations from the show have increased and to come close to those expectations, Hrithik and Star Plus are doing everything they can. The latest news coming from the show is that Hrithik has shot for four music videos, and the song composition is done by Bollywood’s music sensation Pritam Chakrobarthy. The message of the music video is Sab Kuch Bhulake Bas Naach. And the video is been directed by none other than Karan Johar. Yes you heard it right Kran Johar. The music video will feature Hrithik asking everyone from a housewife to a worker to Just Dance. It is a very energetic number and Hrithik has given his 100% for the video. Karan Johar spoke on the video saying that Hrithik is a house of energy. He always is pumped about his work and he dances like a dream and most of the time the dance is just flawless, and you will be able to see that in the video. The first Video has been launched and people who want to set it as your callertune or just want to download it to your phone then you have to do a simple thing, message DANCE to 57827. And you can enjoy this cool song or video. Moving on to the show it is a lifetime opportunity for any dancer to come on this show, because he/she will get a chance to shake a leg with Hrithik, and besides Hrithik star choreographers like Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant are also going to judge this exciting show. So get ready to Just Dance with Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik’s Just Dance New Music Video


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