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I am still remembered as Anandi: Avika Gor

Dated : May, 10, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
Avika Gor as Anandi won many hearts of the Indain audiences across the world and as soon as her tack ended the show has seen a huge dip in the TRPs of the show. The small 'Balika Vadhu 'Anandi on whose innocence and charm the show became such a huge success still loves watching the show and surely misses working on the sets of Balika Vadhu. And also the audiences miss her as much as she misses the show, but Avika Gor is back in a new show called Sasural Simar Ka, and she is looking much bigger and bubblier. The character which Avika is playing on Simar is quite similar to the real Avika she is in real life. Her character is a very happy-go-lucky character who is teenager who just loves watching TV. And when she is asked about her former show, she confesses that she still loves the show and misses working on the sets of Balika Vadhu. She also adds that Blaika will hold a special place in her heart as it was the show that got her fame, money everything. And also people still call her Anandi, so it will surely be a special thing that happened in her life. She also makes it a point that she goes to the sets of Balika once in a while to meet her co-stars she worked with.

And moving on to movies she says that movies are tough, she has done a couple of movies until now and they are very tough because of directors wanting a perfect shot unlike TV where you have to give more number of shots rather than one perfect shot. She also has plans of competing for the Beauty pageants and she really wants to be Miss India like any other 14 year old girl wants to be. But all this TV, movies and beauty pageants are not her priority, her priority are studies which she takes very seriously and tuition teacher come to her sets to teach her and she has also thought about her graduation, she feels that she will do some mass communication course or some course that will be related to TV and Films. Also being a Gujarati Avika loves going to Ahmedabad and loves meeting her relatives there and she just loves the famous Gujarati Thali. Well Gujarati girl Avika we have just three words for you: Best of Luck.

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