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Indian Idol fame Puja in MMS Scandal

Dated : February, 27, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia
Indian Idol fame Puja Chatterjee is under an intense pressure, as from the past few days, somebody is calling and threatening to spread a vulgar MMS of the talented singer. Puja ChatterjeeAccording to Puja, these offensive calls began troubling her from February 19 onwards, for which she has currently filed a police complaint. As per police officials, the singer has been getting messages from an Indore-based mobile number, where reportedly an acid was thrown on her almost two years back. According to Puja, she got the first call on February 19 by 3 pm. It came as a ‘private number’ and when she made an effort to know the identification of the person, he all of a sudden got angry and informed her to just answer his questions. On the same day, after 10 pm, Puja got the first text message from the same number. The message said that the guy knows everything about Puja, when she challenged him to send her a copy of it as a proof; the guy in fact threatened her by saying that he would upload a vulgar MMS of the singer on the internet. The singer had also informed the media that the person who is threatening to expose her MMS is a very desperate kind of being who might be very close to her. Puja’s father Tapanjoy Chatterjee said that they just don’t know who is harassing his daughter and for what reason. He further added that the caller is simply trying to ruin Puja's career by threatening and blackmailing her in the name of an alleged MMS, as in past a number of girl were too been harassed in the name of their MMS in Jharkhand. As per sources, below are the apparent quotes from the text messages, excluding some obscene things: SMS 1: Someone loves you, not because you are a good singer, but because you’re beautiful. SMS 2: I take good care of you. You should also take care of me. This would be good for you. Indian Idol Previous month, two girls of Jharia as well became the victims of such lewdness clips. Police arrested 6 people and seized their computer sets. The obscene clippings of the girls were been spread out in Dhanbad, Asansol and Mumbai. Puja Chatterjee reported that she has got 25 SMSs in 5 days and the fellow is constantly making his finest effort to get in touch with her over the phone. According to police officials, the caller is blackmailing her by circulating a one-and-a-half years old MMS which includes a few "obscene" clippings involving her. Dhanbad-born Puja, who completed her 10th and 11th standard in Indore's Emerald Heights International School, appeared in the famous music reality TV show, Indian Idol, in the year of 2007.

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