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Sangeeta Ghosh is hiding her marriage, But Why?

Dated : June, 13, 2011 BY Sujeet Mahto
The Beautiful TV actress Sangeeta Ghosh got married to a businessman from north six months ago and this known to all of them associated with her. And while she got married, none of this was shared with media, why well the reason comes out that Sangeeta wanted a very private wedding and a private after marriage life, so the marriage was so hush-hush. Well it is very baffling that Sangeeta wanted this to go privately as she was hardly in the news so this could had got her publicity but the reason she did not do is because getting married was her necessity as she was completely out of work, she was successful in serials, she shifted to movies, she was lucky, she got a movie called “Bhanvra” and then started her problems, the movie never released and then she tried for other movie offers but she never got one, the coming back to TV was very difficult as she obviously wouldn’t get any lead roles, so after this struggle, she thought that getting married was the only solution and she can get a stable home after getting married. And the reason that the event was not publicized was that the family she went to does not want any unnecessary attention so they got married  six months ago with utmost care that the news does not travel anywhere. Only few people from the TV industry were invited to the wedding and the ones who were invited included Sangeeta’s mentor Aruna Irani. But anyways no media or media, her career was done, so getting married was a very good movie, we say Sangeeta. Smart Girl.

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