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Shradha Sharma's wardrobe malfunction on Bigg Boss 5

Dated : October, 15, 2011 BY Aakash Barvalia
Bigg Boss prisoner Shradha Sharma suffered a scandalous wardrobe malfunction inside the house. As per recent sources, when the item girl Shradha Sharm was carrying out an assignment allocated by the Bigg Boss, it is being said that she has exposed more than what was necessary. Shraddha Sharma The episode took place once Shradha was grooving on a tune in a very short-top alongside in the company of other inmates. During the course, suddenly her top got unbuttonedm, which resulted that she exposed her assets more than what was required. Nevertheless, the post-production unit of the Bigg Boss had deleted the recording from the episode which was meant to be aired for public viewing. Well, depressing news for Shradha and her fans. It looks like Shradha’s effort to draw eyeballs and a hold up from the spectators went all in vein. Best of luck next time!

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