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Watch: Sunny Leone's real-life love story

Dated : December, 4, 2011 BY Aakash Barvalia
In one of the episode of the much hyped show Bigg Boss, porn star Sunny Leone actually revealed her real-life love story to her fellow contestants Siddharth, Sky and Amar. She said that she was married before but is now divorced. She met her ex firstly in Las Vegas, where he purposely 'stole' her cell-number from an associate. However she was not very much impressed by him and deliberately came late to their first date to make bad impression, but he succeeded in impressing her by sending 24 roses to her hotel room. Sunny Leone However as Sunny is currently single, in one of the episode she revealed her perfect criteria on what she is right now looking for an ideal husband. As a part of an assignment given by Bigg Boss, inmates had to note down the features they seize for in their just right partner. Shraddha Sharma was selected to enact as a 'matchmaker' and to couple up the couples in the house based on the qualities. The porn star said her perfect man should be diligent, impulsive, optimistic, smart, bodily fit, and business minded. She further added that she do not wish for somebody who is self-centred and wants a gentleman with whom she would desire to spend her complete life, who would love her and who would say, I love you to her every morning. Well how romantic and sweet Sunny. Does any guys are paying attention to this? Sunny Leone and Amar Upadhyay As for fun inside the house, Sunny Leone was coupled up with Amar Upadhyay and they got wedded in the company of Bigg Boss offering filmy wedding thrones for the bride and groom, and the other inmates cheered and took pictures. Courtesy:

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