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Bloody Isshq Teaser-Promo: It's Highly Engaging!

Dated : November, 29, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Directed by Arup Dutta, Bloody Isshq is a romantic thriller feature film starring Akash, Shilpa Anand and Tripta Parashar in lead roles. Apart from them, the movie also features actors such as Mukesh Tiwari, Karan Mehra, Manoj Tiger, Simran Sachdeva, Vikram Sahu, Shubham Singh, Kuldeep Malik, and others in their respective roles.

Touted as romantic thriller, the first look teaser promo of the film is truly very much engaging. Right from the beginning, it seizes you throughout with the suspense, conspiracy, and thrilling moments. The teaser promo has been perfectly edited and mixed with gripping sequences, such that it is for sure tempts the viewers to watch out for some more action.

Bloody Isshq Poster

Just as the title of the movie suggest, Bloody Isshq is a movie where - Romance will be Murdered, Seduction will be Crime Scene, Lust will be the Suspect, Music will be the Clue, and Love will be Only Witness.

Written by Aroti Bhattacharya, the movie is been produced under the banner of Ashavari Media Pvt Ltd. 'Bloody Isshq' is presently scheduled to release in theatres during January 2013.

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