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Jackpot trailer: A hot gamble affair!

Dated : October, 29, 2013 BY Pooja Nayak

Directed by Boom fame director Kaizad Gustad, the first official teaser of the upcoming comedy thriller 'Jackpot', is out in stores and going by the look, it is quite bold and intriguing.

Starring porn star turned actress Sunny Leone, along with Naseeruddin Shah and Sachin Joshi in the lead roles, the trailer manages to offer a complete package of suspense, gamble, women, money and of course the final Jackpot. Having set its backdrop in a casino, the promo itself kick starts with the rolling dice further followed by an introduction of the lead characters with Naseeruddin walking in as 'The King', Sunny Leone as 'The Queen' and Sachin as 'The Ace' player. In addition, the series of mischievous happenings and having clubbed Sunny-Sachin's smoky intimacy, this promo is a total treat to hold on to your seats.

Jackpot Poster

However, Jackpot also resembles a lot of instances from Aditya Datt's last release Table No.21.

Produced by actor-producer Sachin Joshi, the film essays the story of three conmen who are in a continuous quest to outdo each other.

Jackpot is scheduled to hit the screens by the 13th of December, this year.

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