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Table No. 21 Trailer: If You Lie, You Die!

Dated : November, 23, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Directed by Aditya Dutt, 'Table No. 21' is a crime thriller movie starring Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae in lead roles. The theatrical trailer of the movie is out now, and looks very much exciting, thrilling, intriguing and promising.

Actor Paresh Rawal in his never-seen-before deadly look portrays the role of Mr. Khan in the film, and encourages the couple Rajeev Khandelwal (Vivaan) and Tena Desae (Siya Agasthi) to play an infamous live-game of Table No. 21.

Table No. 21 Trailer: If You Lie, You Die!

The game has just two simple rules, one that you cannot quit the game from the middle of it, and the other rule is 'If You Lie... You Die', which is as well the interesting tagline of the movie. The first look promo of the film reveals an extremely dark side of the game, where the couple has been unexpectedly trapped. How they comes out from it, forms the crux of the movie.

The eternal charming Rajeev Khandelwal and the very gorgeous Tena Desae are the two players who gladly agrees to take a risk of playing this game for a whooping amount of Rs 21 crores, without having any kind of idea what would be the consequences of it.

Paresh Rawal has enacted quite a lot of iconic roles in his long-span career, but he has never looked such threatening in the film, where his look further adds to his tense character. At the same time Rajeev is going to beat many women's heart, and the newcomer Tena Desae looks stunningly beautiful, especially in her bikinis, and also quite confident in the company of the experienced actors.

Table No. 21 is all set to release in theatres on 4th of January, 2013. Thus by the looks of theatrical trailer of the film, the up-and-coming promising year may perhaps positively start with a high note for Bollywood!

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